The Compass that Guides Our Journey:

7 Knots Core Values

Crew at the Helm

People First

We value our crew members and recognize that they steer the ship of our success.

Navigating Technology & Innovation


We chart a course towards new technology and innovative solutions to stay ahead in the B2B waters

A Helping Hand for Our Clients

Client Extension

We extend our support as a reliable crew to our clients’ marketing ships, providing expert solutions and navigation.

Swift and Adaptable

Agility & Adaptability

We are nimble and ready to adjust our sails to respond quickly to changing customer needs and market conditions.

Together towards Our Destination with a No-Limits Mindset

Collaboration & Results Driven

We set our sights on working together with our clients to reach shared goals and drive digital revenues. With a no-limits mindset, we constantly seek out uncharted opportunities and never drop anchor at mediocrity.

Satisfied Customers Are Our Best Advertisement

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