CredSpark and 7 Knots Digital Partner to Transform B2B Audience Development and Engagement Strategies

CredSpark and 7 Knots Digital Partner to Transform B2B Audience Development and Engagement Strategies

New York, NY – CredSpark, a premier engagement and assessment platform, and 7 Knots Digital, an industry frontrunner in strategic audience and demand generation for expanding B2B companies, are thrilled to announce their collaboration. This dynamic partnership integrates 7 Knots Digital’s insights-driven solutions and audience development expertise with CredSpark’s cutting-edge platform for capturing insights on audience knowledge, interests, and demographics.

The partnership empowers 7 Knots’ strategic services to expand clients’ first-party data capture using the CredSpark app to turn static content into compelling, interactive experiences. 7 Knots clients will benefit from the partnership by improving their audience engagement, generating deeper audience insights, and driving activations including registrations, subscriptions, and more.

“7 Knots Digital’s skill in audience development and lead generation enables them to fully-leverage CredSpark’s robust capabilities and our support of multiple audience use cases,” said Lev Kaye, CEO of CredSpark. “We are enthusiastic about working with 7 Knots Digital to provide clients with a comprehensive solution that propels business growth.”

“We are honored to collaborate with CredSpark,” stated James Karklins, President of 7 Knots Digital. “We believe that this partnership will create immense value for both our organizations and our clientele spanning B2B media publishing, technology, and associations.”

About 7 Knots Digital Inc

7 Knots Digital is a strategic audience and demand generation partner for B2B companies. Setting itself apart from other B2B digital marketing firms, 7 Knots Digital transcends data, email marketing, and services by offering strategic, experience-informed solutions that drive clients’ success in both the short and long term.

7 Knots Digital navigates your digital journey with a suite of specialized services tailored to achieve and exceed your business objectives. 7 Knots Digital is headquartered in New York City. To learn more, please visit

About CredSpark

CredSpark’s app is an innovative set of features and tools that fuses insights from the worlds of education with the engagement power of entertainment media to create bold and compelling digital experiences that delight audiences, generate zero-party audience data, and achieve business objectives.

CredSpark is based in New York City. For more information, visit

James Karklins, President
7 Knots Digital Inc
P: +1 347-349-0919

Lev Kaye, Founder & CEO

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