Embracing ChatGPT in B2B Marketing with 4 Prompts to Steal

Let’s start with the obvious question: Did ChatGPT write this article? No, but like most of my work today, it

Justin Berger

Chief Operating Officer

Let’s start with the obvious question: Did ChatGPT write this article?

No, but like most of my work today, it played a key part.

AI is a hot topic, celebrated for its power and scalability by evangelists (a category to which 7 Knots’ own James Karklins proudly belongs) while also feared for ethical and privacy concerns. I won’t debate the merits or demerits of AI, there are plenty of articles for that. Instead, I’ll offer tips for marketers seeking to integrate AI in B2B marketing, showing simple ways it can enhance efficiency.

Add Websites to Company Lists

“Share website and headquarter address of the below companies. Please separate company, website, and address using a comma.

  • Five Guys Burger & Fries
  • Rolling Stone Magazine
  • Google
  • Target
  • Endeavor Business Media”

Ever tried to build an ABM list with company names but no websites? It’s tricky, as our tools for sourcing data (like ZoomInfo or Apollo.io) and sending email (marketing automation like Hubspot or Marketo, or simple email tools like MailChimp) alike work best with domain lists.

The good news? You can quickly retrieve missing domains from your list with the prompt above. While the prompt will only return 30 companies at a time, this is still a vast improvement over manual searching. Flesh out your prompt to add other key details like HQ address, as well.

Save yourself hassle: tell ChatGPT to separate with a comma, paste results into TextEdit, save as .csv, and voila, a three-column spreadsheet is ready!

Create Alternate Subject Lines

“You are an expert in B2B digital marketing. Do you Understand? Create alternate email subject lines to “How to Be a Great B2B Marketer”. Make it 35 characters or less. Make it something that creates curiosity.”

Need a catchy email subject line or a unique title? ChatGPT is your creative ally. Think of it as a thesaurus for phrases, offering multiple alternatives to refine your ideas. I often mix elements from its suggestions, ending up with a stronger choice. With the ability to tailor tone – from curiosity to urgency, humor to scarcity – it matches the value of your content.

Of course, the same can apply for other short-form content needs: Webinar titles, Event names, Article headlines, etc.

Pro tip: short email subjects tend to perform best and mobile devices typically cut off after 35 characters. Let ChatGPT do the difficult work of paring down.

Identify Top Companies by Industry

“What are the software companies by revenue in US? Please share as many as you are able.”

Venturing into a new industry or building target lists? A glance at the largest companies in your area can be invaluable. Though limited to 20 companies and not reflecting real-time data, AI offers a handy starting point for identifying top-tier accounts when high-level, directional data suffices.

Shorten this content

“Shorten my blog article while making it more compelling for my readers.”

Exceptional marketing content is concise, impactful, and easily absorbed. However, it doesn’t always spring from our minds in this form. ChatGPT excels in transforming verbose content into its core essence, ensuring it’s digestible and engaging for your audience.

There you have it. Four actionable tips to leverage ChatGPT in B2B marketing, ready for your implementation. Hopefully, you’ll discover that AI isn’t a complex beast but a powerful ally, seamlessly integrated into your marketing toolkit, driving efficiency and enhancing results.

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Justin Berger,
Chief Operating Officer at 7 Knots Digital Inc

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