How BridgeTower Media Grew Its Engaged User Base by 227% in Six Months*

7 Knots Digital has helped us deepen our understanding of our audience. Through actionable insight, we were able to grow our database by 227%

Kurt Hawks

Chief Digital Officer & Chief Revenue Officer



Armed with a new private equity owner and an ambitious plan for growth, BridgeTower Media recommitted in 2021 to investing in its digital audience database. While the company already enjoyed strong engagement from a loyal base of subscribers in its core industry segments, BridgeTower recognized that marketers’ increasing reliance on digital campaigns– and on lead generation, in particular–required more intense focus on audience engagement.

Based on 7 Knots’ expertise in B2B marketing, as well as its past success helping BridgeTower flagship brand Furniture Today, the media and information company tasked 7 Knots with growing its digital audience and converting more casual users to engaged users. In the process, 7 Knots streamlined and standardized several data processes, including the implementation of an updated data governance policy.

Strategizing with BridgeTower on how to identify and define the ideal subscribers was a critical part of the engagement’s success. By leveraging internal and external data sources, 7 Knots was able to quickly narrow the focus of subscriber acquisition and validation across 40+ brands, while at the same time expanding the number of potential customers within those parameters.




BridgeTower’s data sources were securely and easily connected to 7 Knots data lakehouse. Enrichment and standardization tools were available and visualization and BI tool insight were published to a single portal: SpikeHero®, an audience analytics tool developed by 7 Knots Digital.

By leveraging 7 Knots audience expertise and it’s SpikeHero® audience analytics platform BridgeTower Media was able to:

  • Analyze: the health of the existing database and identify opportunities for improvement – data completeness, consistency, orderliness, duplicity, and recency.
  • Accelerate: data normalization and standardization of audience data incoming to their new CDP (Customer Data Platform).
  • Monitor: data quality, audience health, and market penetration of your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile.
  • Scale:database retention efforts with usage analytics and health scores.
  • Develop:segmentation strategies through enrichment for ABM (Account Based Marketing) and key interest data.
  • Deliver: audience outcomes without adding headcount for improved scale and efficiency.




This resulted in steady and sustainable growth of BridgeTower’s audience database, as the number of engaged users – those customers who took action – grew by 227% in just six months.*

During this process, 7 Knots also identified new tactics to grow BridgeTower’s ‘known’ user base and provide better deliverability.

This resulted in higher new registrations for the company’s e-newsletters and tighter, cleaner data as BridgeTower moved toward implementing a customer data platform (CDP). The company continues to be a collaborative and constructive partner, which explains why 7 Knots has been working with the B2B information company since 2020.

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